Ben & Anna

Natural Soda Deodorant

Young couple enjoying in summer walk through city. They are happy and joyful. Wearing casual clothing, sunglasses and backpack. Caucasian ethnicity.

As a strict vegan couple, Ben and Anna have always paid close attention to what they consumed. Struggling to find a deodorant that would suit both of them, they decided to develop their own, one which is solely based on natural ingredients. After several attempts, and a lot of time and tinkering, the new deodorant was launched under the name of Ben & Anna.


The Ben & Anna is a range of natural, vegan soda deodorants, packaged into paper tubes, which makes it more friendly to you and the environment. These deodorants are completely natural, and free from phthalates, parabens and aluminium. They were not tested on animals and are suitable to be used by men and women alike. Besides being cruelty-free, these deodorants are also vegan friendly and gluten free.