Mint – Good health leads to happiness and peace of mind

Mint – Good health leads to happiness and peace of mind



We represent a variety of brands which we market and distribute within the Maltese market, each managed by a dedicated team of representatives.

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We are focused on the promotion and distribution of high quality natural and organic brands which allow individuals to adopt a healthy and balanced lifestyle.

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From pharmaceutical warehousing space to registration services, we can offer any solution to your company’s needs to be based in Malta

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At MINT Health we’re proud to be at the forefront of the Maltese Healthcare
and Pharmaceutical sector, providing high-quality brands to the local market.
Through service excellence and a new outlook on the sector we aim to invigorate the local
market by providing the best experience possible for consumers, customers and suppliers.


Being an honest and professional
reference point to healthy living.

Company bio

MINT has embarked on a journey to push boundaries and adopt a service-oriented approach where we tailor-make sales and marketing strategies for each brand we represent. We are focused on providing all of our suppliers with unfailing business growth.  This allows us to fully explore the maximum potential of our brands.

In-House Culture

MINT embodies a high-quality mindset and a culture of service excellence.  We firmly believe in the importance of building and maintaining long-term relationships with our customers and suppliers by providing consistent supportive and professional service.

This high standard is delivered by a team of motivated and highly competitive individuals who share this culture. At MINT Health, we demonstrate a “one team” hands-on approach, where everyone’s mission is to deliver honest, unprecedented results for our partner brands and the team itself.


Our facilities are state-of-the-art and include over 600m2 of GDP-Certified warehouses, cold chain storage facilities, narcotic drug storage facilities and offices equipped with high-end IT systems.





in Gozo


& Entities










& baby outlets





We represent a variety of brands which we market and distribute within the Maltese market, each managed by a dedicated team of representatives

Mint Pharma is licensed by the Malta Medicines Authority to import, store and distribute all types of pharmaceutical products.

Each brand under Mint Pharma is managed by an experienced and dedicated team of medical and sales representatives. These teams focus on scheduled visits to healthcare professionals, clinics and pharmacies to develop and maintain strong relationships with our customers. Our emphasis on service excellence means that high-level training is ongoing.

Our Sectors

  • Pharmaceuticals (POMs & OTCs)
  • Biosimilars
  • IV and fluid replacement treatment
  • Immunotherapy
  • Vaccines
  • Medical Nutrition
  • Medical consumables
  • Medical devices
  • Molecular diagnostics

95 tenders

307 Different

125 medicines



Our brands


We are focused on the promotion and distribution of high quality natural and organic brands which allow individuals to adopt a healthy and balanced lifestyle.


At MINT Wellness we are aware that as individuals we are leading fast-paced lives which make it easier to opt for a diet which might be harmful to us or to use items containing pollutants which are hazardous to the environment we live in We also subject ourselves to higher levels of stress and mental strain.

At MINT Wellness we aim to provide products which aid physical and mental well-being, always with our customer’s wellness at heart. We are focused on the promotion and distribution of high quality natural and organic brands which encourage individuals to adopt

a healthy and balanced lifestyle. The companies that we work with offer environmentally responsible merchandise and have been carefully handpicked by our highly experienced team.

Consumers today are more knowledgeable than ever on what products they are using in their lives but they are also extremely busy. Whether to be consumed or for cosmetic use, we ensure that we offer a fine selection of the best quality products for both inner and outer body wellness.

Our brands



Mint Services is a company based in Malta, offering a wide range of consultancy services within the pharmaceutical industry. We are a one-stop shop for companies that are either already established in Europe or those wishing to enter the European Market for the first time, wanting to set up an entity in Malta.

Company Registration in Malta

Through our strategic partners, we offer an encompassing multidisciplinary portfolio that include legal consultancy, banking support, accounting, tax advice and compliance, company formation, company administration and governance, corporate and administrative services, as well as corporate governance and compliance.


GDP Licensing and Responsible Person (RP) Services

As a prerequisite to be able to trade in pharmaceuticals through the Maltese company, a Wholesale Dealers License is required. An RP, who is a registered pharmacist by the Malta Pharmacy Council, must be on this license. Our highly specialized team of pharmacists can offer the necessary support for the needs of the applicant to obtain and maintain the GDP license.


GMP Licensing and Qualified Person (QP) Services

The Malta Medicines Authority is licensed to perform EU GMP inspections to non-EU GMP manufacturing sites. Besides offering support in applying for this inspection through the Malta Medicines Authority, we have a number of contracted consultants on board who can ensure that your site is EU GMP compliant in preparation for the inspection.


Medical Cannabis

Recent changes in the Maltese legislation have allowed entities to cultivate, import, process and produce cannabis intended for medical and research purposes under a controlled and supervised environment – provided all necessary regulations are complied with. In addition, medical cannabis can now be purchased from pharmacies in Malta against a dedicated prescription. Our services include registration of cannabis product in Malta as well as support obtaining all the necessary approvals/authorizations to be able to apply for a cultivation/manufacturing plant in Malta.


EU QP Batch Release

Through our strategic partners, we offer batch testing and batch release of non-EU medicinal products.


Re-Labelling Services

Mint Health has its own GMP license and has the capacity to re-label medicinal products for third parties.


EU Registration of Medicinal Products

All Medicinal Products intended to be placed for sale on the EU market must be registered in the destined country/countries. We can offer support for registration in EU countries via national, centralized or decentralized procedures.


Food Supplements and Medical Devices

Food Supplements and Medical Devices marketed in the EU must also comply with European product and labelling requirements. We provide necessary support on ensuring that your Medical Device or Food Supplement is EU compliant and with its registration in Malta.


Warehousing Services

Our temperature-controlled, GDP-licensed warehouses hold up to 1000 pallets.


Sales, Marketing & Distribution

Through its affiliate companies Mint Health has strong distribution within the EU and sub-Saharan Africa.


Why Malta?

Malta has established itself as a central hub for pharmaceutical services and life sciences, both in the Mediterranean and in Europe. Malta’s advantageous corporate Tax Regime is the lowest in the European Union and therefore puts the country in a unique position to attract and sustain both developing and long-standing, established businesses. Despite being an island, Malta’s geographic position makes the country a crucial connection between North Africa and Europe.

The Malta Medicines Authority boasts an international reputation for efficient, company-friendly and patient-centric services which ensure timely processing of applications, inspections and ancillary regulatory services. In addition, local Legislation allows for early development, testing and stockpiling of generic products ensuring first reach on the market upon expiration of the Originator Product’s patent.

As a Member State in the European Union, Malta is an ideal gateway for non-EU companies to enter the European market. This is aided by Malta Enterprise, a government division that provides a wide range of incentives, such as industrial space and access to funds, for pharmaceutical companies looking to set up shop in Malta.

While communication is often considered a hurdle to be overcome during the setup and operations of newly establishing companies, this is not the case in Malta with English being one of the country’s official languages.




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