MINT Health is licensed by the Malta Medicines Authority to import, store and
distribute all types of pharmaceutical products. With a growing portfolio of brands, the company represents several different products ranging from pharmaceutical prescription medications, over the counter products, medical nutrition, biosimilars, immunotherapy to medical consumables.


The Pharma Division serves two main markets, the NHS/tender market and the private market. The treatment of chronic conditions is fully subsidised by the Maltese government. This creates a rewarding tender market within which MINT Health is one of the leading players. A dedicated tenders team actively monitors tenders issued by the NHS, with whom the company has built strong ties over the years. This is an effect of MINT Health’s reputation as a trustworthy and reliable supplier.


The private market team carefully selects high quality brands which are distributed through the company’s extensive distribution network. Each brand is managed by an experienced and committed team of medical and sales representatives. These teams carry out scheduled visits to healthcare professionals, clinics and pharmacies to develop and maintain strong relationships with customers. The company works closely with the marketing team to develop tailor made strategies for each and every product. The emphasis on service excellence is maintained through ongoing high-level training.


Pharma Brands Represented


Tender Success Rate


Therapeutic Areas Covered


Services Offered


MINT Health offers a wide range of consultancy services within the pharmaceutical industry. Operating as a one-stop shop for several different companies that are either already established in Europe or wish to enter the European Market for the first time, with the scope of setting up an entity in Malta.

GDP/WDL Licensing and RP Services

MINT Health’s specialised team of pharmacists offer the necessary support to an applicant wishing to obtain or maintain a GDP/WDL license which is necessary to be able to trade in pharmaceuticals through a Maltese company.

Relabelling Services

MINT Health owns a GMP license for secondary packaging with a number of running in-house production lines . This means that the company is licensed to re-label medicinal products. Products are relabeled both for local distribution and also for third party services.


MINT Health’s warehouses have a footprint of over 1200m 2 that can hold over 600 temperature-controlled pallets and 500 pallets at ambient temperature. The newly built warehouses are GDP licensed and can accommodate narcotics, biologicals and cold-chain products.