Femarelle® – The most popular non-hormonal choice, recommended by gynaecologists
around the world


The Femarelle® line is based on research carried out by leading gynecologists and researchers all over the world. The brand includes three products that target women at the different stages of menopause. The Femarelle® line provides perimenopausal and menopausal women with the best natural assistance to ensure a good quality of life with the highest assurance of safety in the long-term.


Femarelle® is the only food supplement that contains DT56a, an ingredient developed from soy derivatives that has been tested in nine clinical trials. This ingredient is present in all three products in the same dose. It is what the vitamins and minerals that are added to the DT56a that makes each product different.

The Femarelle® line is made up of three products:

Femarelle® Rejuvenate: targets the perimenopause stage – women in their 40s confronted with the start of hormonal fluctuations.


Femarelle® Recharge: targets the menopausal woman – women suffering from the classic symptoms that come with the end of menstruation.


Femarelle® Unstoppable: for the post-menopausal stage – women who want to promote their bone and vaginal health, age healthily and maintain a good
quality of life.

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