Your Formula For Vitality

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Discover your superpowers with Vit2go. The products are of the highest quality and have been developed with a leading German food company. Vit2go is designed to help you meet the nutrient requirements of your daily life under physical stress.


So, if you are suffering from a foggy head after a wet-spirited evening or need some extra energy for your daily fitness training, Vit2go is here to help. For all motivation killers, Vit2Go have the right means at hand, so that you can live up to the motto: Live Life to the Fullest!


Besides important vitamins and minerals, the main components are electrolytes. They help keep the body’s nutrient levels balanced and promote health and wellbeing. The sachets have been optimized for a handy a practical application: they are easy to transport, long-lasting and can be dissolved in any liquid.


If you are looking for a healthy energy kick, want to strengthen your immune system, or sometimes just have to deal with the usual hangover symptoms, Vit2go is the perfect product for you.

Tips for a Healthy Lifestyle:

– Nutritional supplements with vitamins can support good health but are no substitute for a balanced and vitamin-rich diet

– To break down harmful substances in the body, a lot of water is needed. You should drink at least 8 glasses (2 litres) of water per day.

– Negative stress can also have a negative effect on health and can weaken the immune system.