Maskrii – Reusable Cloth Masks


A 3-ply washable and reusable fabric mask consisting of two layers of single jersey* 140gr/m2 and an interlining layer** treated with antimicrobial treatment.


*single jersey layers – consisting of 65% rayon and 35% polyester
**interlining layer – consisting of 100% polyester washable tight filtration screen. Antimicrobial treatment
certified by Oekotex and ISO 9001.


The mask covers the mouth and nose and has two supportive ear loops and extending tie straps which are tied at the back of the head.

The product is washable up to 20 times for maximal filtration effect. Following this, the mask can still be used but with decreased efficiency.


Our suggestion: Having 2 to 3 masks ensures that you always have a mask at hand since the mask needs to be washed after every use.

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