Sweeps Toilet Seat Cleaning Wipes


The natural Wipe2go. A wipe for a clean and hygienic visit to the toilet.
Whether you’re on holiday, at a festival or on the road, you can always be well-prepared with Sweeps. If your fingers need cleaning after a greasy snack, if you dread those often-dirty toilet seats at rest stops or if you could simply use some refreshment, having Sweeps on hand is the ideal solution.

With no fewer than 15 different types of wipes, we can confidently say that we have a wipe for every purpose. And, thanks to our handy packaging, it is easy to carry Sweeps wipes with you. This means that you can always have Sweeps on hand, whether in your handbag, your coat pocket or your glove compartment.

And did you know that Sweeps is the environmentally-friendly choice? Because Sweeps are made from TENCEL®, sustainable FSC wood-based fibres, Sweeps are biodegradable. And that’s not all! TENCEL® gives Sweeps unique levels of purity, softness and absorbance.

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