Ashwagandha Bioactive


Natroceutics Ashwagandha Bioactive harnesses the potency of ashwagandha’s therapeutic potential with a market leading concentration of 35% withanolide glycosides.


The benefits of Natroceutics Ashwagandha Bioactive:

+ Anxiety and Stress Management

+ Sleep

+ Cortisol
+ Mental & Physical Fortitude
+ Immune Modulation


Additional Information

How it works:

Ashwagandha (Withania somnifera) is revered as an essential herb in Ayurveda, used for thousands of years as a medicine with the potential to act as a powerful adaptogen. Adaptogens are natural substances found to increase the body’s resilience and ability to recover from physical and emotional stressors. They work by reducing and maintaining healthy levels of stress hormones like cortisol.

With hundreds of clinical trials and published studies supporting its use, ashwagandha has risen in popularity to assist management and recovery from excessive stress and to improve and modulate the mind and body’s response and function.

Key features of Natroceutics Ashwagandha Bioactive:

Leading potency with 35% concentration of withanolide glycosides and increased bioactivity.

Begins working from the very first dose.

Roots and leaves are used for the full spectrum of bioactive.

Clinically tested and proven through human clinical trials. With ongoing research and development.

Non-sedating, non-addictive, and safe in adolescents and adults.

Convenient once-per-day dosing.