Stay Fit & Healthy with Vit2Go

Stay Fit & Healthy with Vit2Go

What is Vit2Go?

Vit2Go is a range of nutritional supplements, intelligently developed to fight the three most common complaints of everyday life: Fatigue, Cold and Hangovers after a good night out. Vit2Go is of the highest quality and is the perfect supplement that helps you reach your daily nutrient requirement.

Whether you need or desire to have an extra boost of energy, strengthen your immune system, or to have a helping hand with your hangover, we’ve got you covered.

Vit2Go HangoverAid

It’s that time of year when the PARTY doesn’t stop! Whether it’s the village festa, or your best friend is getting married, your favourite DJ playing at a music festival, with constant plans and a cold beverage in hand, the dread of the morning recovery is your worst nightmare. What if we told you with Vit2GO HangoverAid the dread and worry is over, GET READY to bounce back the next morning!


How does Vit2Go HangoverAid work?

HangoverAid supports liver function, reduces toxins, prevents dehydration and loss of nutrients and it does this all naturally. HangoverAid supplies your body with electrolytes and vitamins to promote overnight revitalization. It truly is the best hangover Cure!

Vit2Go HangoverAid includes Choline which helps you in regulating your mood, memory, muscle control and more, combined with the other ingredients it’s a recipe for success.

Still in need of that ENERGY kick?

Vit2Go ENERGY ingredients are perfect for boosting your energy levels whilst adding nutritional value to your body. These ingredients include electrolytes, vitamins and amino acids which all work in harmony.

The Vit2Go range each has their specific purpose but don’t underestimate their power when they work together!


Feeling Slightly under the Weather?  

With Vit2Go IMMUNITY, you won’t have to worry about viruses, bacteria or colds anymore and can live your summer to the fullest. A refreshing beverage when mixed with water, juice or even a smoothie, containing a high dose of vitamins, minerals, amino acids, and other good nutrients.