Strengthen your immunity: Stay healthy – Feel fit

I want to finally live a healthy life! Most likely, everyone has this goal. Whether it can be reached is another matter. Health and Fitness, during this time of self-optimization, is measured by the gram and then packaged into a training plan. There are a few simple tricks that can help – such as the optimal absorption of vital nutrients – in order to feel better.

Our health is the most precious possession we have. Unfortunately, you’ll only notice what you’re missing when it’s too late. In a rush on your way to the office, stressed from the meeting to the cafeteria – and off to the bar scene in the evening. No wonder your health runs out of steam.

Why am I sick again, I actually live a healthy life? Perhaps not so much. Stress – in combination with little sleep and incorrect nutrition – puts a burden on the immune system. It’s time to finally do something about it. Strengthening the immunity takes vital nutrients (micro-nutrients), but also a few tricks that have nothing to do with nutrition.

Nutrition, Stress and so on – what puts a burden on the immunity system?

It’s not just a winter cold that makes demands on the immunity. Each day, your skin and your colon have to deal with attacks from pathogens. Demands on immune response are also made by internal enemies. Tumor cells are a drastic example. Chronic inflammations often do not cause symptoms, but they are a problem for the immune system and put it under stress. And sometimes it’s our own fault that our immune response is lagging. Stress is one factor that can have a negative effect [1]. Incorrect nutrition can cause inflammations – and that’s to say nothing of the one or several glasses too many of wine. Smoking is at the top of the list. There is a good reason why smoking is recognized as one of the primary causes of lung cancer.

Tips for naturally strengthening immunity

Once the first scratchiness of a summer flu or cold is spreading in your throat, it’s too late to strengthen immunity. That’s wrong: Scientists have discovered in studies that taking certain vital nutrients can influence the duration and the severity of a cold. It’s true even if taking high doses of vital nutrients – such as the trace mineral zinc – are taken after the first symptoms.

However, does it have to progress this far before strengthening the immune system? The best illnesses are the ones we never get. And that’s the point when trying to strengthen the immune system – prevent a chance for pathogens to attack. Providing your body with optimal vital nutrients is an important first step.

Such vital nutrients are contained in our Immune System Booster, which can strengthen immunity and give a helping hand to your health.  Zinc is only one important part.

Vital Nutrients: What does the body really need?

Your body is capable of synthesizing providers of energy, such as glucose (2) and ketones, itself. It’s a different story when it comes to vitamins and trace elements. These vital nutrients have to be provided from the outside – they are essential. Without them, your immune system is not capable of optimally taking care of its tasks.

Vitamin C – known as ascorbic acid – plays a part in building collagen. This means: Without sufficient quantities, soft tissues are threatened – in the form of scurvy, the sailor’s disease.

What makes vitamins and trace elements so important – including for the immunity – is the fact that they play a role in the creation of enzymes, signaling substances or proteins. The immune system can function only when all processes (from the recognition of the pathogens to their destruction by scavenger cells) are interlocked. And that’s exactly why an optimal supply of vital nutrients is o important.

Here are some of the vitamins that your body needs for its immune system:

Additionally, the body needs trace elements. These are minerals such as iron, selenium or zinc. Their importance for the immunity varies. However, they have once thing in common: Trace elements play a role in the processes which influence the immune system. Iron, for example: On the one hand, it comes to the fore in the transportation of oxygen. On the other hand, it is bound into enzymes.
With Immune System Booster you can supply your body simultaneously with many different vital nutrients.

How many vital nutrients are needed to strengthen immunity?

Vitamins and trace elements strengthen the immune system. The immunity system can actually go to work to fight bacteria and viruses. Therefore: taking much helps much! Wrong, when it comes to a correct dosage, some things have to be taken into account. How many trace elements and vitamins do you actually need?
The DGE (German Nutrition Society) offers very good orientation assistance. You will find information for minimum dosages for things like:

  • Zinc
  • Vitamin K
  • Vitamin D
  • Vitamin E

For many vital nutrients, the minimum dosage depends on age and gender. But also factors, such as pregnancy, nursing a baby, or heavy physical demands – such as competitive sports – influence the minimum dosages.
Selenium, for example, The DGE recommends a dosage of 15 µg per day for children ages 1 – 4. Boys from age 15 and grown men should take 70 µg of selenium per day, and for women, the DGE recommends 60 µg a day.
A similar picture emerges for Vitamin K. Here, the recommended dosage also varies with age and gender.

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