Water is Life – EarPro

Water is the most important element for life on earth. It is also the most essential element in our own bodies.

For many of us, WATER is also a LIFESTYLE.  Summer in Malta is all about having lots of fun and most of the time water is involved.   Unfortunately, it isn’t the best for our ears.

Our ears are very complex organs made up of three main parts: the outer, middle, and inner ear. They all work together to manage your hearing, balance, directional sense, and more. When there is a problem in one part of the ear can affect all the other parts.

Water is the number one cause of ear problems in the world.


Prevention is Key!

When I think of prevention, I think of how we can assure that no part of the problem ever starts. This is where Ear Pro comes in.

Ear Pro was designed as a preventative to spray in your ears BEFORE you get in the water. It was also designed to take care of all of these problems while using all natural ingredients and supporting your natural ear health.

Ear Pro also contains a small amount of Oregano oil which is high in Carvacrol and Thymol. Both Thymol and Carvacrol have been proven in clinical trials to kill bacteria and fungi that cause the majority of ear infections. It does this all while not damaging our own cells at all.

Ear Pro protects your ears for at least two hours of water exposure with its thin insulative layer and prevention of water sticking to the skin.

Ear Pro is non-toxic and natural, approved by doctors, alcohol-free and also eco-friendly!


One spray in each ear before you jump in the water is all you need. Protect your hearing and health naturally with Ear Pro.

Did you know?

Ear Pro is proud to be a 1% for the planet Company supporting the Surfrider foundation – plastic pollution, ocean protection, beach access, coastal, preservation and clean water for all to enjoy.

Order Earpro online and it is also available from all leading pharmacies.